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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Two Steps From Hell - Invincible (Trailer Music)

This album is a little different from most other soundtracks and is a rarity which I encourage you to buy.

Trailer music is an important part of the movie industry as whilst some trailers do use music from the film, most trailers use trailer music due to the film score being unfinished at the time the trailers are released.

Whilst trailer music gets churned out at an alarming rate, it is generally impossible for you to get your hands on it, simply because it is not available to the general public and is for movie trailer use only.

However, luckily for us there are a few trailer music releases that have been made available to the general public.

The first one to my knowledge was the album Epicon. This contained some popular themes from the trailer music company Immediate Music. However, it was released under the name Globus, and also contained lyrics, which for me defeated the point of releasing a trailer music album.

Immediate Music did release another album to the public though not so long ago called Trailerhead, this time under the more understandable name of Immediate, and this time containing no lyrics.

This album Invincible is the first publicly available album from the trailer music company Two Steps From Hell.

No doubt you will recognise some of the music on this album, but won't know the names to the tracks so I've decided to do a track listing making reference to the trailers the music features in.

01. Freedom Fighters
featured in the trailer to Star Trek (trailer 3)

02. Heart Of Courage
featured in the trailer to The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (trailer)

03. Master Of Shadows
featured in the trailer to 2012 (theatrical trailer)

04. Moving Mountains
featured in the trailer to Jumper (trailer 2) and The Twilight Saga: New Moon (trailer)

05. Am I Not Human?

06. Enigmatic Soul

07. Fire Nation

08. Black Blade
featured in the trailer to Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (trailer)

09. Super Strength

10. Invincible

11. False King

12. Hypnotica

13. Fill My Heart

14. Protectors Of The Earth
featured in the trailer to Inkheart (trailer 2)

15. Velocitron

16. Undying Love

17. 1000 Ships Of The Underworld
featured in the trailer to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (trailer 2)

18. Tristan
featured in the trailer to Austrailia (trailer 2)

19. Breath Of Ran Gor

20. Infinite Legends

21. To Glory

22. After The Fall

All in all this album is outstanding and I would definitely recommend people buy it and in doing so also support the release of future trailer music albums.

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